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Dog Treats

Boost Your Business, Bond With The Community.

Our dog treats not only attract loyal canine-loving customers for your business, but also give back by supporting local shelters.

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Our Clients

Our Process

A Custom Offering With Big Results

At Rescue Me Dog Treat Co., we're not just passionate about dogs; we're passionate about helping your business thrive.

Our mission is to create a win-win for you, your customers, and our four-legged friends. Step into the world of premium dog treats and unforgettable branding.


"Adding the dog treat menu has been a huge hit with our guests and our staff. We used to buy and give away Milk Bones which guests did appreciate, however now, we sell high quality Rescue Me Dog Treats which we have guests tell us they specifically come to Toss and bring their dogs to get the treats.  

Justin De La Cruz, Owner, Toss Pizzeria

Common Questions

1. What exactly does your company offer?

Answer: We create the highest quality dog treats, custom-branded specifically for your restaurant or store. Our services go beyond just treats. We offer signage creation, menu designs, social advertising, and other branding tools designed to make your establishment more appealing to dog owners and their furry friends.

2. How can offering dog treats benefit our restaurant or store?

Answer: By offering our premium dog treats:

  • You attract dog-loving customers to your establishment.

  • You enjoy additional advertising, as customers often share their experiences on platforms like Instagram.

  • You earn a profit from the sale of the treats, making it a unique branding tool that doesn't cost you but rather earns for you.

  • Excite your employees and community around a charitable cause, while also adding additional tip money from the higher checks.

3. We have never sold dog treats before. How do we integrate this into our business model?

Answer: We're here to help! Apart from providing the dog treats, we assist in creating signage, menus, and creative collaborations to promote their inclusion in your establishment. Our creative team is always on standby to explore new avenues and ideas tailored for your business.

4. Are the treats safe and of good quality?

Answer: Absolutely! Quality is our topmost priority. Our dog treats are crafted human grade all-natural ingredients to ensure they're safe and enjoyable for all dogs. 

5. How is our brand integrated with the dog treats?

Answer: We custom-brand the dog treats with your logo and any other branding elements you wish to include. This ensures that every treat represents your brand and promotes your business every time it's given to a pet.

6. How does your service support the local community?

Answer: We're not just about business. We believe in giving back. 10% of all our company sales are donated to Paws Shelter of Central Texas, a reputable local nonprofit dog rescue. By partnering with us, you're also supporting a great cause.

7. Are there any setup fees or hidden costs?

Answer: We pride ourselves on transparency. All costs will be discussed upfront, ensuring there are no unexpected surprises. Our goal is to offer you a service that adds value to your business without any hidden fees.

8. How do we get started?

Answer: Simply reach out to us, and our dedicated team in Austin, TX, will guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless integration of our services into your business model.

We hope this FAQ addresses any preliminary questions you might have. If you need further information, don't hesitate to contact us. Let's work together to make your establishment the top choice for every dog owner in town!

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