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What We Offer

-High quality, human grade ingredient, handmade dog treats

-Customized packaging, menus, and brushed aluminum signage branded for your business

-10% of all our sales are donated to support local dog rescues, benefit your community

-Free delivery for businesses in Austin, TX

How We Can Make Your Business Better

-Make your customers happy with a unique product for their furry companion

-Increase your branding with customized packaging on a product your customers will love

-Increase your social media presence with a product that customers love to take pictures of with your customized branding packaging

-Increase your servers tips by increasing the total bill

-Stop spending money on dog treats that you are just giving away

-Give your clients high quality dog treats made with human grade ingredients 

-10% of all our sales are donated to support local dog rescues, benefit your community

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"Adding the dog treat menu has been a huge hit with our guests and our staff. We used to buy and give away Milk Bones which guests did appreciate, however now, we sell high quality Rescue Me Dog Treats which we have guests tell us they specifically come to Toss and bring their dogs to get the treats. Our staff loves having the treats to sell since it gets their checks higher which gets them more tips. We also love supporting another local Austin business run by such good hearted people." 

Jusin De La Cruz, Managing Partner of Toss Pizzeria


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Rescues Do You Donate To?

-Paws Shelter Of Central Texas, (Located in Dripping Springs & Kyle, TX)

2. Do dogs like your treats

-Link to video of dogs eating our treats

3. Whatever other questions start coming up


Phone Number: 737-707-8034

Mailing Address: 2523 Durwood St. #101, Austin, TX, 78704

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