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We Will Show You How Our Treats Can Improve Your Business Risk Free

  • 🐶 Attract Dog-Loving Patrons: Dog owners adore our treats, making your establishment a go-to spot for canine companions and their humans.                                                         

  • 💼 Boost Profits: Instead of draining your budget, our branding tools bring in revenue. Our treats sell like hotcakes and put money back in your pocket.                          

  • 🌟 Amplify Advertising: Our custom branding amplifies your reach, reinforcing your presence in the community and beyond.

  • 🤩 Delight Employees: Show your staff you care by partnering with us. Not only do they get to be part of a dog-friendly environment, but they also contribute to a noble cause. Not to mention; Higher checks, higher tips!

Our Clients

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"Adding the dog treat menu has been a huge hit with our guests and our staff. We used to buy and give away Milk Bones which guests did appreciate, however now, we sell high quality Rescue Me Dog Treats which we have guests tell us they specifically come to Toss and bring their dogs to get the treats.  

Justin De La Cruz, Owner, Toss Pizzeria

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